SuperCellular Seeks Marketing Reps

SuperCellular helps kids heal faster by creating hospital approved animated healing superheroes at Please check out our website and if you feel inspired, my son and I would sure love to hear your ideas on what we are doing.

Our primary goals are is to raise enough funds to create an educational CODING PROGRAM for the LAUSD SCHOOL SYSTEM, and schools worldwide where kids learn to CODE animated superheroes to battle cancer and viruses inside the animated body of a baby. This way kids will learn CODING TO HEAL and feel the empowerment of saving a life. They also learn all about the anatomy on the microscopic level while designing and playing a game that breeds empathy in children and teaches them that they really can be heroes! The "Healing Games" the kids code and all the filmmaking and animation Healing content the kids create will be shared with hospitals for children in the pediatric wings. Hospitals are in dire need of this sort of video guided imagery content to help kids participate in their own healing and SuperCellular is the only game in town. Please help us help children to actually heal up to 50% faster from both minor and critical illnesses. Imagine SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK from the inside out! Currently, we're producing music videos, guided imagery programs and fun educational shorts all with our animated heroes. If this inspires you, and you have a great track record in marketing, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Jill Gatsby (310) 359-5164

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