Let The Healing Begin With SUPER CELLULAR & The Micro Heroes MUSIC VIDEO

"Let The Healing Begin" with SUPER CELLULAR & The Micro Heroes MUSIC VIDEO - Written, Composed & Performed by Jill Gatsby Copyright 2017 All rights Reserved

Guided Imagery For Kids with the Animated Super Heroes INSIDE OF YOU! You've got billions of heroes inside of you! Healing meditation, Relation For Kids, Helping Kids Recover From Trauma, Helping Kids with ADD and ADHD

Visit www.supercellular.org for free guided imagery and mindfulness exercises from top pediatric hospitals from all over the world. We also offer links to guided imagery and clinical hypnosis programs for adults.

#relaxing #hospital #creativevisualization #meditation #healinggame #affirmations #animation #supercellular #comic #cityofhope #supercell #cell #cellular #cells

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