Little Liver Fun Facts! 

Meet The Little Liver inside of you and get to know a liver who's really full of himself!  I mean this liver thinks he's better than ice cream!

When you do over 200 things for the human body, I guess you earn some bragging rights!  So tune in and find out why your liver is so fab!  

Little Liver is upset about getting a bad rap! 

Little Liver is sick of getting a bad rap. First they say liver tastes gross, which, could be true ... and then they call me Chopped Liver!  

And now they're saying I'm funny!  Like FUNNY HOW?  Like Joe Pesce FUNNY or Jerry Lewis Funny!  Cause this Liver wants to know and he's got some things to say about it! 


And the next time someone gets you mad  or you meet a bully just tell them, "Leave me the liver alone, already!" 

Or you can try saying something like; "Do that again and I'll beat your liver, lady!"  (hopefully you're talking to a man at the time)

Or if you're late for school you could say, "Hurry up already!  We're as late as a liver!"  And the last by not least, when someone does something that really ticks you off you can say,

"Hey! You! What in LIVER is the matter with you?" 


If you do choose to yell any of this at a teacher or your mother,  just prepared to get slapped in the gall bladder!  

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