Here are some some things in our budget we are looking to add: 

$999.00 in funding per episode: to create the SuperCellular Animated TV Series series and produce 1 full 30 minute episode a week.  

We'd like to produce at least 52 Episodes!  Whoooooooo Hooooooo! 

These are our current expenses and our goal is to be fully funded by YOU, our amazing sponsors!

Let's really make SuperCellular fly so we have a budget to radically gift these healing books and pillows and other helpful SuperCellular products to kids who are suffering from PTSD and/or critical illnesses. 

There are so many amazing kids out there who are battling hardcare illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and/or struggling with PTSD from losing loved ones due to unspeakable violence. Let's help empower these kids so that they can learn to take part in their own recovery when confronted with illness or any other obstacle in life.  

Budget Requirements To BUST OUT FULL ANIMATED EPISODES ON A WEEKLY BASIS we are hoping to get enough sponsors - or one BIG sponsor to have an operating budget of at least: $7092.00 A Month +

1. More HARD DRIVE & 8 GIG MEMORY SPACE for the iMac: BARE Minimum: $1000.00 (We're gonna need a faster engine, CAPTAIN! She's breaking up!!!!) 

2. $19.99 a month for Adobe Student Package (Gabriel gets us the kids deal!) 

3. $29.00 a month for GameSalad Game Coding Package - To launch the show as a game - 

4. Website Maintenance WIX Charges: $15.00  a month - 

5. Studio Rental & Utilities:  $1650.00 a month

6. Food, Coffee & Prozac: $1200.00 a month LOL! 

7. $500.00 + per month to pay the kids to start. 

8. $100.00 a month for faster internet connections and uploads!

9. Advertising, PR, and Social Media $599.00  a month 

Whatever we raise above the campaign goal of $7092.00 will go towards creating more episodes, creating healing gaming adventures inside the human body, creating an educational coding game system where kids can learn gaming to heal and coding to heal - with the healing superheroes, Super Cellular and his microheroes.

If we exceed meeting our financial goals of $7092.00 a month to operate Super Cellular Studios - the remainder of any profits will be devided as follows:
35% goes into a TRUST FUND for GABRIEL - as this is his invention and creation.  Without him, there would be no supercellular heroes!

35% of the remainder will go to Jill Gatsby, the mother and mule in charge! 

30%, of the remainder of our profits thereafter will be devoted to getting SuperCellular to kids everywhere - No matter where they are we want kids to know that they are loved from inside out and that THEY DO have Superheroes inside of them.  Little kids love imagining this and it gives them a life long tool for coping with stress, disappointment, illness, fear and so much more.  With the superheroes inside them, kids can easily imagine themselves on amazing visual adventures!  It's empowering, confidence building and empathy training for children all rolled into one. 

And when kids realize that there's a wondful world of cells inside of them, getting to know themselves from the inside out becomes exciting, new and super fun!   

Our GOAL with the SuperCellular website is to achive  an interactive teaching tool for ALL YOUR education system needs. It brings Science, Coding, Art, MATH, WebDesign, Editing, Gaming, Molecular Biology and The Performing Arts all onto one incredible  platform that is fun, exciting and easy to understand.

One of our ultimate goals  is to collaborate with the board of education on a world wide level to use SuperCellular as the ultimate fun teaching tool for kids of all ages across the globe.  

Other Expenses and WISH LIST GOALS: 

1. COMPLETE Stock Footage Library Upgrade: We'd like access to all of the molecular stock footage on the market!  But we'd be very excited to start with whatever we can get our hands on! 

2. To have a computer that can WORK as fast as we think over here! 

3.  A budget to hire the best coders with the biggest hearts to  create healing animation adventures inside of the BABY in virtual reality and in the form of healing games that everyone is going to get a big kick out of! 

When you support SuperCellular by sponsoring us or by SHARING our website with your doctor's office, your local news station and/or your friends, you are helping to spread the word and bring awareness  about this fabulous little program.  If you would like to get involved with our organization and would like to volunteer, we'd love to hear from you!  Please CONTACT US HERE 

We're so grateful that you've taken the time to read and listen to our story.  With your support there is so much we can do together to make the world a kinder and funner place for both children and adults to learn!  

Thanks again for all of your support and thanks in advance for participating in creating the SuperCellular TV Series in anyway you can!  We really appreciate you!


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